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Borders are falling, +13% rise since June in migrant encounters

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed Thursday that federal agents made more than 212,000 migrant encounters in July alone; a 13% jump since June.

“Mayorkas, in a visit to the border in Texas, said that 212,672 migrants were encountered at the southern border in July, a 13% increase over the already massive 188,000 migrant encounters in June. In July 2020, there were just 40,929 encounters”.

“It is complicated, changing and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic,” Mayorkas said.

“We have a plan, we are executing our plan and that takes time,” he said.

“Mayorkas also said the resurgence of the American economy was a factor for why migrants are making the journey to the U.S. He said the ending of the Trump administration’s policy and the re-establishment of asylum laws were factors, as well,”.

“Biden OWNS this border crisis!” posted Congresswoman Elise Stefanik on Twitter.

The data comes days after Vice President Kamala Harris released her “5 Pillar Approach” to tackling the border crisis.

“In Central America, the root causes of migration run deep—and migration from the region has a direct impact on the United States,” Harris said in a statement.

“For that reason, our nation must consistently engage with the region to address the hardships that cause people to leave Central America and come to our border,” she added.

“For decades, our nation has engaged in Central America,” Harris continued. “Often well intentioned, the engagement has often not been consistent. And over the last few years, the United States significantly pulled back from work in the region.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather conditions have indeed exacerbated the root causes of migration—which include corruption, violence, trafficking, and poverty. While our Administration is proud that we have sent millions of vaccine doses and hurricane relief, we know that it is not enough to alleviate suffering in the long term.

“The root causes must be addressed both in addition to relief efforts—and apart from these efforts. In everything we do, we must target our efforts in those areas of highest out-migration—and ensure that these programs meet the highest standards of accountability and effectiveness,” she added.

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