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Can’t Say What a Woman is? How Can She Be Trusted to Say What the Constitution is?

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Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the recent viral moment during the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in which she couldn’t provide a definition for the word “woman.” When Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asked her to provide a definition, Jackson responded “I’m not a biologist.”

That response raised a few red flags with Trump, who spoke about it during his latest appearance in Georgia.

“The left has become so extreme that we now have a justice being nominated to the Supreme Court who testified under oath that she could not say what a woman is,” Trump told the crowd at a Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia on Saturday night. “If she can’t even say what a woman is. How on earth can she be trusted to say what the Constitution is?”

Trump added “a party that’s unwilling to admit that men and women are biologically different in defiance of all scientific and human history is a party that should not be anywhere near the levers of power in the United States.”

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