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Cotton Says Sanctions Not Enough, Arm Every Ukrainian Now

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Sanctions have not stopped war criminal and Russian President Vladimir Putin from shelling innocent Ukrainians and leveling whole cities. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) says it’s time to step it up and send the Ukrainians the defense systems they need ASAP.

Cotton shared his thoughts on The Faulkner Focus:

SEN. TOM COTTON: Unfortunately, the sanctions have not stopped the fighting. It would be much better to start the sanctions weeks or months ago. This is another example of President Biden being on the back foot, not wanting to take any action that might defend our allies in Europe, hoping that he can somehow dissuade Vladimir Putin from invading when he had 200,000 troops on Ukraine’s border. That time has passed.

We need to focus on the here and now. More important, we need to get these weapons the frontlines. Do you know what will stop Russian aircraft in Russian missiles? S-300 air defense systems. Not sanctions on Russian politicians as appropriate as those are. It is time for the White House to quit dragging its feet and send everything that shoots to every Ukrainian that can carry those arms.

While President Biden has pledged an additional $800 million in aid for Ukraine, and promises weapons are on the way, will they get to the front lines in time? Is this another example of Biden being on the back foot?

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