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Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Slams ‘Confusing’ Covid Rules

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Left-leaning Comedy Central Daily Show host Trevor Noah appears to be breaking from the mainstream conditioning and questioning the legitimacy of Covid regulations.

During a recent segment, in which he discussed unvaccinated NBA star Kyrie Irving attending a Brooklyn Nets game as a spectator due to a New York City rule requiring businesses to enforce vaccines on employees, Noah pointed out the rules “make zero sense.”

“Restrictions are being lifted so quickly, that things are getting a little confusing, you know. Like for example, OK, right here in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has lifted the rule that you have to be vaccinated to attend indoor events. OK, that is gone. But there is still a rule that you have to be vaccinated to go to your workplace,” Noah said.

“So if someone’s job is at an indoor event, they can’t go to work. But they can show up to work to watch their colleagues do their thing. Yeah. Which is exactly what happened this weekend,” Noah added, throwing to a news clip reporting how Irving sat on the sidelines watching his team play the New York Knicks.

The clip also shows Irving hugging teammates, further illustrating the absurdity of the Covid rules. The Nets were subsequently fined $50,000 after Irving was allowed to enter his team’s locker room following the game.

“Yeah, guys, I don’t care like how COVID compliant you are, s**t like this makes zero sense. Can we agree on that?” Noah said. “So Kyrie can go inside, not wear a mask, even hug a teammate, but he cannot play!”

“I don’t get it,” he continued. “Why? Does the ball have a weak immune system? What’s going on? I mean it’s crazy, just think about it, Kyrie can’t play, but he can sit in the stands, right, like a fan. And, then, as a fan, what happens if he gets picked to take the half-court shot to win the car? Can he do that? What are those rules, how does it work?”

Asked about the incident, fellow Nets teammate Kevin Durant agreed the rules were confusing and outdated, and claimed NYC Mayor Eric Adams had the order in place to exercise his authority and get attention.

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  1. Trevor usually gets it right! The rules are often confusing. I wish they were articulated better so we could all follow them more easily.


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