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President Biden tries to explain and excuse his actions in Afghanistan

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President Biden continued to deflect criticism of his disastrous Afghanistan exit plan this week; telling ABC News the Taliban is currently “going through sort of an existential crisis.”

“No. I think – let me put it this way,” Biden said. “I think they’re going through sort of an existential crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government. I’m not sure they do.”

“They also care about whether they have food to eat, whether they have an income that they can provide for their – that they can make any money and run an economy,” Biden said. “They care about whether or not they can hold together the society that they in fact say they care so much about,” he added.

“As many as 15,000 American citizens may remain inside Afghanistan, struggling to get out, days after the Asian nation fell to control of Taliban terrorists, President Biden said Wednesday,” reports Fox News.

“Also looking to flee are tens of thousands of Afghan citizens who fought alongside or aided U.S. troops over the past two decades – and now fear retribution from the terrorist organization now wielding power in the country, The Associated Press reported”.

U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also denied earlier reports that the US Intelligence Community had warned the Taliban could seize control faster than Americans could be removed from the region.

“There was nothing that I, or anybody else, saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days,” Milley told reporters at a news briefing in Washington.

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