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Russian Colonel Dies After His Own Troops Intentionally Run Him Over

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According to the New York Post, Russian Colonel Medvechek of the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade was killed after being run over by his own men who were upset over the casualties in their unit.

Russian morale has plummeted, resulting in many soldiers to revolt or abandoned the fight altogether.

“With NATO estimating 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers killed in the fighting to date, purported communication intercepts show the Russians are still suffering from logistical failures,” the Post reports.

“Basically, it’s a s–tshow here, I’ll put it that way,” a Russian soldier near Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, allegedly said to his comrade in a recording released earlier this week by Ukraine’s Security Service.

“The soldier described how Ukrainian troops ‘tore apart’ a column of Russian forces and added that 50 percent of his unit suffered from frostbite to the feet,” the Post added.

“But they don’t plan to treat them in the [field] hospital,” he said.

One Russian soldier claims one of their own planes dropped bombs on his unit.

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