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Russian Special Envoy Resigns Over Ukraine Invasion, Flees The Country

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A top advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin has resigned in a show of opposition to the war in Ukraine.

According to Fox News, “Russian government official Anatoly Chubais stepped down from his position in the highest-level display of opposition to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.”

“Bloomberg reported that Chubais, 66, fled the country after leaving his role in protest, but Reuters noted that it is not clear why he decided to leave the country. Chubais reportedly hung up the phone when asked to comment on the matter.”

“His role as Special Envoy – specifically regarding climate and sustainable development – appears a small one, but he has supported and assisted Putin for decades. He first served as Deputy Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin before transitioning to Kremlin Chief of Staff near the end of Yeltsin’s tenure,” Fox reports.

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