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Shock: 10-Year-Old Students’ Homework Was To Study Father’s Erections, Claims Australian MP

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An outraged Australian MP explained how one of his constituents told him that his 10-year-old daughter was assigned by her school to study her father’s erections.

Yes, really.

Bernie Finn of the Victorian Legislative Council for Western Metropolitan Region read a note last week that he received from a father in his district explaining how a school gave his daughter a shockingly perverse assignment.

“I have to say, it is not often in this job that I’m absolutely shocked, I thought I’d seen everything. But this one is just beyond words,” Finn said.

“It’s a note from a constituent who says ‘Hi Bernie, this is a worksheet that my 10-year-old daughter brought home from school,’” he read, adding that a photo of the worksheet was included.

“‘Part of her homework was to discuss with her father his erections and ejaculation. I find this very disturbing and sickening.’ As indeed, do I, I have to say.”

“‘I have complained to the school and was told it was just part of the curriculum,’” he continued reading. “‘Can you advise who else I should make a complaint to? My daughter still plays with dolls and writes letters to the Tooth Fairy. There is no way any little girl should be told to ask these questions.’”

Finn then lambasted the legislature for turning a blind eye to the disturbing trend of groomer policies in schools.

“What the hell is going on in this state where 10-year-old girls are told to go home and talk to your father about his erections and about his ejaculations? What the hell is going on here?” Finn yelled.

“How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what is being dished up to them on a daily basis, in a primary school. Not even a secondary school, a primary school.”

“This is just unbelievable. It’s staggering. I could not imagine the reaction – I have three daughters – I could not imagine the reaction of any of them if they were told to do that. They would be traumatized for life. I don’t think they’d ever recover. I’m not sure I’D ever recover. This is just deplorable,” he concluded.

This is just another example of the left’s perverse trend of pushing sex and gender material on very young children in the name of progressivism.

This comes amid a contentious showdown between the woke left and Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who signed into law a bill that prevents schools from teaching children up to 3rd grade about gender ideology and sexual identity.

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